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About Hemp Couture
Established in 2006 by consultant & designer Jennifer Chrysler, Hemp Couture is an environmentally friendly clothing alternative. We feature the latest in styles and accessories created from sustainable fabrics including hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, silk, soy and recycled fabrics. Each Hemp Couture product is hand crafted in Canada and unique in its own couture way. Every piece comes with a custom design and a careful eye to detail, comfort and durability. Currently the Hemp Couture product line consists of women’s clothing and accessories such as hats, purses/bags and scarves as well as Home Décor.

Hemp Couture also endeavors to spread awareness of the environmentally damaging practices currently found in mass-production clothing industries. From high-pollutant synthetic fabric production to the chemical ridden industrial cotton industry, the current clothing market is short-sighted when one considers the daily pressure it places on the environment. There is an alternative and Hemp Couture is proud to be a part of the sustainable clothing industry.

“Our personal consumer choices have ecological, social, and spiritual consequences. It is time to re-examine some of our deeply held notions that underlie our lifestyles.” ~ David Suzuki


About Jennifer Chrysler
Jennifer has 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. Design, merchandising, consulting and seamstress work are among her key strengths. She has learned from her mother and her grandmother as well as having a fashion design & merchandising diploma under her belt. Most recently Jennifer has decided to pursue another dream of hers by taking her love for fashion, style, trends and shopping to the next level in her career. Jen is now offering her professional fashion consulting services including wardrobe makeovers, personal shopping, colour analysis and more.

Jennifer has participated as an exhibitor at many festivals and trade shows with product offerings that were very well received by consumers. Most products were sold out at these events with additional orders placed.

Exhibiting her talent and designs are a passion for Jennifer and she takes pride in every article she creates with attention to detail in each piece. Jen strives to minimize the impact we're making on the environment and she is driven to help lessen that impact by doing her part. With that said she has chosen to create a beautiful environmentally conscious clothing and accessory line supplying consumers with awareness and an Eco-fabulous choice.

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