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(JANUARY 2008)

Hemp Couture is overjoyed to announce the release HC clothing at Heart on Your Sleeve, located in Toronto's fashionable Kensington Market. Heart on Your Sleeve features ethical fashion at its most stylish. Committed to fashions that are sustainable and Canadian made, this boutique has quickly become one of Toronto's hottest clothing stores. To visit their website, please click here


(June 2007)

Hemp Couture now offering 'The Last Grocery Bag You Will Ever Need'
100% Hemp, durable and chic!

Common plastic grocery bags take on average about 400 years to decompose and when they do they release harmful chemicals into our environment. We at Hemp Couture have come up with 'The Last Grocery Bag You Will Ever Need'

Made from 100% hemp, hand dyed in either tea or red wine, extremely durable and will last for many, many trips to the grocery store or market. Join us as we choose to reduce and reuse in an Eco-Fabulous way! There is an alternative and Hemp Couture is proud to be a leader in the sustainable clothing movement.

Want to take up the cause?
Visit: and sign the petition to support bill 390.

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